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      Sunday 15 September 2019

      International Women's Day 2018

      The '8 March' is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

      Across the Nexia International network, we asked our members to honour a woman who has inspired them in their professional careers:

      "I met Claire Davis on the first day of my career in professional services as a fresh faced audit trainee at Smith & Williamson. I had the good fortune that Claire was leading the People Development Team on every stage of my graduate training, during which her passion for people development and wealth of experience was clear.  She inspired a number of us to join her learning and development team early on. Later, when I made the decision to move to Hong Kong she was one of the first people I called for advice. I am now lucky enough to sit on the Nexia People Development Committee alongside Claire, where I continue to learn from her example.

      Throughout this time, Claire has managed a very successful career alongside her family life and she has been a fantastic role model for so many students over the years.  I can safely say I would not be where I am today without Claire’s training, mentoring and sage advice." Kirsty Curthoys, Audit Manager at Fan, Chan & Co., Hong Kong.

      "The person who has inspired me, and many other women in Poland, to make our respective ways in this male-dominated industry is Renata Hayder. She was the Head of the Tax Division at Andersen at a time when the company was heavily involved in transforming the state of the Polish economy. Renata Hayder was a professional adviser who played a significant role in introducing much-needed changes in the Polish tax law in the late 20th century. She noticed the opportunities emerging after the shift in the political system and wasn’t afraid to pursue them, even if it meant taking an approach that was novel at the time and therefore involving a fair share of risks.

      Her team’s work on a report on comparing the methods of calculating costs for tax purposes of enterprises contributed to the creation of tax law in Poland in its current form. She influenced the practical implementation of tax regulations and introduced many foreign companies operating on the principle of free-market to the Polish market, which was a crucial part of the economic transformation. Renata has been a role model to many people, including me, because she succeeded in building a large organisation that still remains to be a stellar example of how a business should be run for many in the industry. Inspired by her, we at Advicero also aim to focus our attention on the development of foreign companies." - Monika Szeremet, Marketing and BD Manager at Advicero Tax Sp. z o.o., Poland.

      "Stacie Kwaiser is the Chief Operating Officer at Rehmann. She provides strategic direction and operational management for the firm and Rehmann associates.  She leads the firm’s finance, human resources, information technology and marketing teams.

      In my many years of working with Stacie, her passion for the profession, the firm and our people shines through. She is dedicated and passionate about helping others succeed and her willingness to go the extra mile in all aspects of our business has been very impressive. Many of her efforts are focused on empowering female employees and ensuring there are opportunities for their development. Because of this, she received Rehmann’s annual firm-wide award, recognizing her as an associate who has gone above and beyond in support of women’s career advocacy in the firm. It is an honour to work with Stacie, and her belief that we are all capable of achieving great things has inspired me." - John Pridnia, Managing Partner at Rehmann, U.S.

      "Completing a professional career in Colombia is based on challenges, sacrifices, a large investment and it clearly defines a person’s professional profile. I am Adriana Nagles Arrigui, an environmental engineer, auditor and teacher. I know and recognise, like many other students, the effort of working towards your goals.

      Nexia Montes y Asociados has given me the opportunity to be part of its team of professionals and this experience has boosted my professional development. It was this knowledge and learning what led me to be a professor at a university that contributes to make dreams come true for the Colombian youth. I know my students, their life stories, struggles and illusions, and this is why my role goes beyond teaching, my work has become a mission that, through my experience, guides and educates young people who can reach their goals." - sent by Javier Fernando Gomez Estrada, Partner at Nexia Montes y Asociados, Colombia.

      "Whitley Penn's Audit Partner, Celina Cereceres Miller, is a dynamic leader in our firm, the accounting profession, within the public sector industry and to the many she mentors.  As the daughter of an immigrant, Celina was the first to go to college in her family.  She began working in public accounting at the age of 21 and by the time she was 23 years old she was presenting audit reports to board members and running her own audit engagements.  She became a partner at a young age and has continued to excel as a leader.  

      Celina currently serves as Partner-in-Charge of the firm’s public sector group.  She is a frequent speaker and educator for organisations serving the State of Texas. She is a wife, mother, mentor, partner and friend to many.  She has worked very hard to not believe the challenges that were set before her and has truly adopted an “I can do anything” mindset." - Larry Autrey, Managing Partner at Whitley Penn, U.S.

      "Women now have the right to vote, are in the labour market and have gained their independence. Of course the fight is not completely won and there is still a lot to change. Because of these factors, International Women's Day cannot be ignored. It is time to celebrate everything that has already been achieved and take advantage of the space to debate and make people aware of the prevailing prejudice that still exists.

      Therefore, we believe that all the women who work at Nexia Teixeira Auditores are warriors who bring great pride and who should take advantage of the special date because their efforts are worthwhile and we are all grateful for their presence in our firm!" - Nexia Teixeira Auditores, Bazil. 

      "A woman who has inspired me in my professional career is my mother - María Nelly Román Jara.

      She was a professional with a degree in philology, tutor and school teacher in Spanish and literature. She was a tenacious and a hard worker and taught many teenagers. She had a true vocation as an educator.  For nearly 20 years, María Nelly was Secretary of Cooperation at The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Costa Rica. She coordinated projects, which benefited our country and the world.

      She was always an inspiration for my career. I continue working with our firm, Venegas y Colegiados, where I manage a group of professionals." - Nydia Venegas Román, Managing Partner at Venegas y Asociados, Costa Rica.

      "15 years ago, I met Cristina Trujillo, a woman full of energy and knowledge, with clear projects and goals. She needed 30 hours day to be able to complete her daily tasks.

      She was 18 years old when I met her and now we work together. Under her management, 90% of our staff are women. Many of us arrived at TC Audit when we were still living at home. Now some of us are married and have became mothers. We have managed to still be excellent professionals thanks to her non-stop support.

      She is an example of success, being the first female  president of the largest profesional association in the country. She is a member of the Tax Advisory Council of Ecuador and author of several tax books. She is equally recognised internationally as a teacher among many other achivements. It is for these reasons that I chose Cristina Trujillo, Managing Partner at TC Audit, in Ecuador, as my inspiration for International Women's Day" - Liliana Ramos, Marketing and Sales at TC Audit, Ecuador.

      “I first met Anna Baldini in 1998 when I was a young audit manager. She had been assigned to me as assistant auditor to follow a publicly listed client. Working side by side with her, I slowly discovered a young professional woman who was eager to learn new skills. She was determined and motivated in carrying out her tasks. Over the last few years, I have seen the best sides of Anna’s personality that often combine with her work. She has a good character, in addition to being very kind with her team and colleagues. The willingness to communicate and her personality allow her to build great client relationships. 

      Since then Anna has become not only a colleague but a friend with whom I have shared many years of my professional life; a person that I have always asked for help and she has provided comfort in times when the workload was heavy.

      Later our paths separated because I decided to start a new career that led me to Audirevi. After a few years in 2009, I called Anna and I convinced her to come on board with this wonderful adventure called Audirevi. Since then we have started a long journey of growth together, which today has become exceptional in the Italian Auditing sector. This is also the result of her determination, consistancy, professionalism and skills. Anna pays attention to others which makes her special. Anna finally chose to become one of my partners and I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now Audirevi is her home and we are part of her family. Happy woman’s day Anna.” - Gian Mauro Calligari, Managing Partner at Nexia Audirevi, Italy.

      Who has inspired you?

      IWD 2018

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