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      Sunday 15 September 2019

      Fairy Tales Accounts from Sefico Nexia, member of Nexia International

      Sefico Nexia, France, 30/04/2019

      When customer appointments at Sefico Nexia turn into hilarious fairy tales.

      From April, Sefico Nexia, member of the Nexia International network, will share its first web-serie * on its digital platforms.

      This distinctive web-serie mixes humor and expert advice by staging characters from fairy tales who are facing accounting and entrepreneurial issues. In the office of Sefico Nexia, will parade the Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Prince Charming. They will successively come and meet a chartered accountant for advice at Sefico Nexia’s.

      Each episode addresses an essential theme for professionals, such as the creation of the business plan, the acquisition of a company or the VAT declaration. Written in collaboration with the partners and collaborators of the cabinet, the dialogues as well as the technical summaries at the end of the episode will reveal some practices often misunderstood by the general public.

      * produced by InstanT productions


      Where to watch?

      LinkedIn: @seficonexia

      Facebook: www.facebook.com/seficonexia


      For further information contact:

      Yves Sonier
      Sefico Nexia
      T +33 1 44 34 08 27
      E y.sonier@sefico-nexia.com

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