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      Tuesday 19 November 2019

      Nexia Service Charter

      The Nexia International Service Charter ensures we deliver our brand promise ‘Closer to you’ and our three brand values: Our enduring relationships, Being business-minded and Being there for clients (Globally connected). Each value is underpinned by a clear set of commitments that explains the way Nexia member firms work and it is these commitments that form our Service Charter.

      Click here to watch case studies on how Nexia member firms have lived the Nexia brand values through delivering solutions to their international clients.

      Our enduring relationships
      Nexia’s strength stems from the quality of personal relationships forged between members and members with their clients, which ensures greater trust, responsiveness and more effective delivery.

      Being business-minded
      Nexia member firms are characterised by people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who can relate closely to the SME and owner-managed businesses they serve.

      Being there for clients (Globally connected)
      Nexia’s member firms are focused on supporting local companies as they grow and expand into new markets.

      Please watch the video below to find out more about the Nexia Service Charter and how we deliver the values, which underpin our brand promise ‘Closer to you’.

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