Thursday 19 October 2017

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Over 18,000 people celebrated 

Nexia Day 2017

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Nexia firms are focused on supporting local companies as they grow and through the Nexia network, they can also help their clients confidently venture into new international markets.

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Nexia International is a leading, global network of independent accounting and consulting firms. When you choose a Nexia firm, you get a more responsive, more personal, partner-led service, across the world.

We are a highly active network that drives quality and facilitates collaboration to provide effective local and global solutions.

$3.2 bn

fee income in 2016(USD)

10 th

globally, according to International Accounting Bulletin Survey 2017

“As Chairman, I feel that the key value to members of being part of the Nexia network is the relationships they form which helps them to meet their clients needs.”

Dr. Markus Emmrich, Chair, Nexia International

  • Nexia member firms at a glance

    Solloa-Nexia, Mexico

    "Solloa-Nexia has been a player in the international field since 1992, when it joined the predecessor network of Nexia International. We have always believed that you get out of the network what you put into it, and that is why we have always been active participants in all aspects of the network. Over the years, we have built strong personal and institutional relationships that have allowed our firm to better service our clients and those of our affiliated firms."
    Alfredo Solloa, Principal-Partner
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  • Nexia member firms at a glance

    Nexia Samduk, Korea

    "Established in 1976, Nexia Samduk is the oldest accounting firm in Korea. We joined Nexia in 1991. 350 CPAs working for clients from various industries. We share our local knowledge in the activities of the business groups, organised Nexia conferences and cooperate closely with other firms. In 2016, we were appointed the auditor of Korea’s largest financial institution (Korea Development Bank) with the support of Nexia International. We are very proud of being a member of the Nexia network which has top quality firms around the world." Hyunsoo Kwon, Head  of  International Department.
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  • Nexia member firms at a glance

    Estudio Bonomi, Uruguay

    ‘Estudio Bonomi is a firm with more than 70 years of experience in supporting our clients in Uruguay and adding value to their business. Being a firm of three generations of CPAs, we were looking to join a network that was sharing our traditional style and values and at the same time, supporting the application of new developments in knowledge and technology. Nexia International has allowed us to stay true to our core values and share professional information around the world, providing efficient services to our clients abroad.’

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  • Nexia member firms at a glance

    Nexia SJ, Tanzania

    "Becoming a member firm of Nexia International has been a vital step in achieving our strategic ambitions and a quality platform from which to grow in the market. Nexia SJ Tanzania is committed to fast and strategic growth and by joining Nexia International, we are now able to access the enhanced capacity and expertise through member firms within the Nexia network. This will not only benefit our clients in Tanzania, but it is also the key to our business success."
    Sujata Jaffer, Managing Partner

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Nexia International celebrates ‘Nexia Day’

Welcome to the Nexia network’s first Nexia Day!

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