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    Sunday 19 May 2019

    Tax Link - September 2018

    • Tax Link - September 2018
      Australia - Australia’s Implementation of the OECD hybrid mismatch rules
      Canada - What do you have to do with individually owned capital property if a Canadian      resident passes away?
      Cyprus - Cyprus modernizes the existing regulatory and tax framework pertaining to            Investment Funds
      France - Income tax collecting: Implementation of a withholding tax starting on    1 January 2019
      Germany - EU-Court declares important German cross border tax provisions to violate
      Hungary - Online invoicing system in Hungary
      India - Cryptocurrency - Indian regulatory response
      Poland - Poland and cryptocurrencies
      Slovakia - The crypto (virtual) currency and taxation of digital platforms in Slovakia
      Switzerland - Revision of taxation at source
      United Kingdom - The UK’s ‘Requirement to Correct’ brings significant penalties
      United Kingdom - UK VAT consequences of ‘no deal’ Brexit
      United States - US Exporters: The FDII Deduction Is Tax Reform’s Gift to You
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