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Tuesday 18 December 2018

Global Insight

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Article October 2018

Canada, Israel and cannabis finance


The combination of Canada’s capital markets and Israel’s clinical research expertise is leading to fruitful collaboration in the emerging cannabis sector.

Article October 2018

Lack of international tax consensus on cryptocurrency


The definition of cryptocurrency and how it should be taxed varies widely among different tax authorities around the world.

Article October 2018

Using the Netherlands as a business gateway to Europe


The Netherlands can be an attractive country of establishment or transit to companies outside Europe due to its location and infrastructure, but financial and tax arrangements often prove decisive.

Article October 2018

International consequences of the U.S. Wayfair decision


Following a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, non-U.S. companies and their subsidiaries selling goods or services in the U.S. need to evaluate whether their state sales tax responsibilities have changed.

Article October 2018

A brief guide to U.S. bank financing for acquisitions


The U.S bank lending environment is currently robust but navigating the loan application process is not straightforward. 

Article October 2018

Turbulent times for the Polish wind farm sector


Lack of clarification around the real estate taxation rules for wind power plants in Poland means continued uncertainty for investors.

Article October 2018

The impact of U.S. tax reform on renewable energy investments


Base Erosion and Anti-Abuse Tax creates new complexities for wind and solar energy investors.

Article October 2018

India’s innovative approach to corporate social responsibility


In India, corporations have a duty to protect the rights of deprived and underprivileged people and larger businesses are increasingly expected to take responsibility.

Article October 2018

The growing importance of corporate social responsibility in business


In recent years corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a higher priority for companies as they recognise the numerous benefits to their businesses, employees, communities and the environment.

Article July 2018

Malta introduces blockchain regulation


Malta has introduced new regulations to bring greater certainty in the distributed technology ledger (DTL) arena.

Article July 2018

New tax rules for foreign workers in Norway


The Norwegian Government has proposed simplifying the tax regulations for foreign employees temporarily working in the country.

Article July 2018

Tackling the VAT gap in Poland


Poland is introducing a split payment mechanism for VAT transaction settlements to prevent tax fraud.

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