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    Friday 19 April 2019
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    Article January 2019

    Delivering the benefits of gender diversity


    The importance of promoting the benefits of more women in decision-making and leadership positions. Other than complying with the self-evident principle that promoting women in decision-making roles facilitates the much broader goal of achieving substantive gender equality, studies have overwhelmingly...

    Article January 2019

    Shrinking the gender pay gap in Canada


    Although Canada has not yet reached parity in gender pay, its recent ranking as 16 out of 144 countries surveyed shows that some of the country’s legislative measures are working.

    Article January 2019

    Closing the gender gap in Latin America


    The gender pay gap has attracted a great deal of focus in recent times. But it is important not to forget the fight for equal employment opportunities between men and women, especially in Latin America.

    Article January 2019

    Tackling unconscious bias in the financial sector


    Mandatory reporting of gender pay gaps could be the start of positive change. Yet perhaps we should begin with a deeper look into why the gap exists in the first place.

    Article January 2019

    Does success depend on being a giver or a taker?


    Research shows that businesses can benefit from a more giving style of management.

    Article January 2019

    2019: The year of the cyber defender


    Cybersecurity is finally becoming a top priority as executives realize that security breaches are not merely a cost of doing business – but an existential threat to their companies and careers.

    Article January 2019

    Protecting your business in a data-driven world


    Businesses need to be aware of developments and possible weaknesses in their digital environment so they are protected from cyber attacks that could derail them.

    Article January 2019

    IFRS 9 and intercompany loans


    It is important not to underestimate the challenges of applying the new IFRS 9 model to intercompany loans.

    Article January 2019

    UK to extend capital gains tax for non-residents to all UK real estate


    UK commercial property disposals are due to come under the non-resident CGT regime from 6 April 2019.

    Article October 2018

    Canada, Israel and cannabis finance


    The combination of Canada’s capital markets and Israel’s clinical research expertise is leading to fruitful collaboration in the emerging cannabis sector.

    Article October 2018

    Lack of international tax consensus on cryptocurrency


    The definition of cryptocurrency and how it should be taxed varies widely among different tax authorities around the world.

    Article October 2018

    Using the Netherlands as a business gateway to Europe


    The Netherlands can be an attractive country of establishment or transit to companies outside Europe due to its location and infrastructure, but financial and tax arrangements often prove decisive.

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