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    Thursday 22 August 2019
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    Global Insight

    Article July 2018

    Malta introduces blockchain regulation


    Malta has introduced new regulations to bring greater certainty in the distributed technology ledger (DTL) arena.

    Article July 2018

    New tax rules for foreign workers in Norway


    The Norwegian Government has proposed simplifying the tax regulations for foreign employees temporarily working in the country.

    Article July 2018

    Tackling the VAT gap in Poland


    Poland is introducing a split payment mechanism for VAT transaction settlements to prevent tax fraud.

    Article July 2018

    New U.S. base erosion and anti-abuse tax


    If your corporation pays U.S. taxes and has at least US$500m in gross receipts, you will need to get up to speed on the new base erosion and anti-abuse tax (BEAT).

    Article July 2018

    Sustainability reporting and business strategies to reduce plastic waste in India


    Many Indian businesses are introducing innovative waste management policies and starting to account for their impact on communities and the environment through sustainability reporting.

    Article July 2018

    Putting human capital on the balance sheet


    Accounting standards are unreceptive to the concept of human capital. Yet if people are recognised as a vital resource of a company, arguably they should be measured and put on the balance sheet.

    Article July 2018

    Transform your business with outsourcing


    Outsourcing core business processes can allow you to focus on what really matters within your business, helping to increase workflow by allowing you and your team to complete key priorities.

    Article April 2018

    Making Tax Digital in the UK


    The UK Government is pressing ahead with plans to introduce digital recordkeeping and reporting for tax.

    Article April 2018

    Argentina passes new anti-corruption law


    Argentina’s new anti-corruption regime aligns with international standards.

    Article April 2018

    Transfer pricing and salary splits in the Netherlands


    German entrepreneurs, engaged in cross-border activities with the Netherlands, face a number of challenges in relation to salary splits and transfer pricing.

    Article April 2018

    Insight into Canada's booming cannabis market


    The upcoming legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in Canada has created global interest in the market, as well as raising some accounting challenges.

    Article April 2018

    Financial modelling for business growth


    Businesses of all sizes can benefit from financial modelling to help reduce uncertainty and plan for growth with greater confidence.

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