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    Saturday 20 July 2019
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    Article April 2019

    Are the old M&A stars of the entertainment world fading?


    You know a sector is starting to get a bit tasty if Rupert Murdoch feels that it has got too big for him and he can no longer make any serious money from it..

    Article April 2019

    Global M&A deal value up as EMEA remains active


    The value of global M&A increased by 10% in 2018, reaching its highest level since 2015 – but the number of deals completed fell, for the third year in a row. 

    Article April 2019

    Latin American entertainment industry attracts international M&A investment


    The live entertainment sector in Latin America is drawing strong interest from overseas investors. 

    Article April 2019

    Mid-market entertainment sector hungry for cross-border M&A


    Cross-border acquisitions are becoming an increasingly important consideration for mid-market entertainment companies, either looking to buy for growth or to increase their value on exit by looking beyond domestic acquirers. 

    Article April 2019

    Mix of concern and optimism driving U.S. business sentiment


    The major issues affecting U.S. business sentiment this year are the risks to the global economy associated with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the impact of Amazon on the competitive environment.  

    Article April 2019

    Brexit: what would trading under WTO rules mean?


    For UK and European Union (EU) businesses concerned about their trading arrangements post-Brexit, risk mitigation should be the priority.  

    Article April 2019

    Handling harassment cases


    Investigations into complaints of harassment are on the rise as people become increasingly willing to talk about them. 

    Article April 2019

    How can affluent families keep their wealth beyond three generations?


    The old proverb “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” reminds us that some families can go from being poor to wealthy, and then back to where they started quite quickly. 

    Article April 2019

    The cyber security threat from within


    In today’s security landscape, businesses need to focus not only on external cyber attacks but internal vulnerabilities that can lead to physical and digital information threats.  

    Article January 2019

    Delivering the benefits of gender diversity


    The importance of promoting the benefits of more women in decision-making and leadership positions. Other than complying with the self-evident principle that promoting women in decision-making roles facilitates the much broader goal of achieving substantive gender equality, studies have overwhelmingly...

    Article January 2019

    Shrinking the gender pay gap in Canada


    Although Canada has not yet reached parity in gender pay, its recent ranking as 16 out of 144 countries surveyed shows that some of the country’s legislative measures are working.

    Article January 2019

    Closing the gender gap in Latin America


    The gender pay gap has attracted a great deal of focus in recent times. But it is important not to forget the fight for equal employment opportunities between men and women, especially in Latin America.

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