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    Tuesday 25 June 2019

    Cloud computing set for take-off in Russia

    The launch of cloud computing in Russia is set to provide significant opportunities for businesses operating in the Russian market.

    With cloud computing expected to transform Russia’s business landscape over the next decade, a number of cloud solutions providers, such as Adobe Systems, i-Teco, CROC and SAP AG have taken steps to capitalise on opportunities within the Russian market.

    SAP has started to promote its private cloud infrastructure services in Russia, with a view to setting up its first SAP cloud implementation in the country as early as next year. It has been inviting Russian SAP partners to transfer testing and demo system landscapes to the clouds, aiming in particular at large enterprises and corporations, many of which are prohibited from the direct use of public resources.

    Why cloud computing?
    Providing computing services such as software, infrastructure and storage over the internet from remote data centres – is particularly appealing to smaller businesses. It doesn’t require significant upfront capital investment, offers the flexibility to scale services up or down as needed – especially useful when, say, hiring variable numbers of consultants from one assignment to another – and allows usage to be monitored using a pay-as-you-go model.
    Spend on cloud computing in Russia totalled around US$120m in 2011 (Source: IDC) and, according to a recent study released by Orange Business Services, the Russian cloud services market is expected to grow by over 300% in the next four years. In 2012, a Symantec survey of SMEs revealed that 44% of respondents use filing destinations and 41% use cloud applications.

    Security concerns
    Businesses often have concerns about surrendering physical control of their data for fear that it might be lost or accessed by other parties. As a result, cloud companies have taken considerable steps to ensure their client data is safe.

    However, security surrounding cloud computing services in Russia is a highly contentious issue and one that is delaying adoption. Russia has special legislation concerning information security, with many organisations, especially corporations and public sector bodies, expected to meet specific requirements. So, it is important for foreign businesses to engage local advisers with the relevant experience, to ensure they are not in breach of Russian law.

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