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    Sunday 18 August 2019

    Creating a great client experience is key to business success

    Listening to your clients and delivering exactly what they want, time after time, can be more valuable than trying to attract new business.

    US businesses lose an estimated US$83bn1 a year due to poor customer service, while UK businesses lose an estimated £12bn annually. It is a given that first impressions are important. But in today’s hard-charging and rapidly changing business world, a good first impression is not enough. Every subsequent impression must also be as remarkable as possible. According to research, it takes 12 positive client experiences to make up for one bad one2, and 95%3 of dissatisfied customers will tell others about their negative experiences.

    Here are some tips for creating client experiences that exceed expectations and make every impression a positive one.

    Understand the significance of great client experiences

    Successful companies know that keeping their customers happy is key to business success – research showed that 86%4 of clients will pay more for better experiences. Business leaders recognize that the future health of their business is in the hands of their clients. From Wall Street to Main Street, organizations realize they need to listen to customers more effectively and more often than ever before.

    Listen to your clients

    We all get tired of being asked to complete surveys. For customers, this is a chance to make an impact on the quality and desirability of products and services they buy. From the products that are developed to the way services are delivered, customers are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating the experience they want to have in the future. It is worth bearing in mind that a survey showed 70%5 of companies who provide best-in-class customer experiences use their reviews to improve their customer service.

    Focus on what clients want most

    Clients expect quality deliverables, on time, every time, without hassle. But they also want innovative ideas, proactive outreach and someone who cares about their financial future as much as they do. It is between six and seven times more expensive6 – to attract new clients than to retain existing ones, so delivering exactly what your clients want and more is well worth your time.

    Take action today
    Research has shown that 89%7 of customers have switched brands due to negative customer experiences, so the time to improve client experiences is now. Most companies really want to make client experiences special – opening up communication is the first step in making this happen.

    For more information, contact:
    Mitch Reno
    Rehmann, USA
    T: +1 989-797-8381
    E: mitch.reno@rehmann.com

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