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    Tuesday 25 June 2019

    Development of e-commerce market in Poland looks bright

    Poland’s e-commerce market provides opportunities for overseas businesses.

    Poland is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in Europe, currently worth approximately €6.5bn and with its yearly growth rate increasing from 20 to 25 percent one might say that the biggest and brightest opportunities for online retail businesses in Poland are just ahead of us.

    Poland is the sixth largest country in the EU by population with 38.5m people. According to the latest research more than 60% of individuals are internet users with about 30% declaring that they shop online. The value of the Polish e-commerce market was estimated at over €6bn in 2013, up from €5.1bn on the previous year and expected to grow to over €7bn by the end of this year. At this growth rate, the Polish e-commerce market will soon be on par with the most developed European countries.

    Research demonstrates Polish e-commerce market set to keep a strong pace
    There are about 12,000 online businesses in Poland. Research shows that more than half of online transactions account for fashion with accessories at 26% and clothing at 25.8%. It’s worth noting that at least two-thirds of Polish online shops are profitable. Most of them are microenterprises run by one or two people. New players may benefit from the fact that saturation of the e-commerce market in Poland is not yet on the horizon, therefore professional, high-quality online shops have an opportunity to take advantage and enter the Polish market.

    Importantly, payments for online shopping in Poland have adapted to European standards. Most payments are made by online transfers operated by payment service providers, but mobile payments through smartphones are also becoming a popular method of payment.

    Well-known brands take advantage
    All these factors show huge potential in the Polish e-commerce market. Tesco, Auchan and Leclerc have all opened online shops for Polish customers. Moreover, the Polish market recently greeted the biggest online store in the world – Amazon – which has started to build its centres in Poland.

    Over the next few years the Polish e-commerce market will continue to grow and experts agree that it offers great opportunities for forward-thinking enterprises wanting to gain a strong position in online retail in Poland.

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