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    Wednesday 26 June 2019

    Renewable energy investment opportunities in Poland

    The Polish parliament is widely anticipated to pass its Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act this year – four years after the EU deadline.

    Poland is the last, large European country to jump on the once overcrowded renewable energy bandwagon. The renewable energy sector continues to attract investor interest however, so the development is seen as better late than never.

    Poland needs extra capacity urgently due to the impending decommissioning of many socialist-era power plants. The country’s power grid requires major renovation and there is also the need for more interconnection points and high-voltage lines, to connect the north with the south.

    As a latecomer to renewable energy, Poland will benefit from continuing capital expenditure decreases in leading technologies, such as wind and photovoltaic. This will make it significantly cheaper for the Government to develop the sector, further reassuring investors that there will not be a U-turn on renewable energy plans.

    A number of companies will benefit from the boom in the Polish renewable energy sector. This includes companies traditionally associated with RES, such as funds, banks and developers, engineering, procurement and construction firms, as well as the general services sector. There will also be significant opportunities for the tax and legal professions, as many issues are yet to be covered by Polish law.

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