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    Wednesday 26 June 2019

    Ukraine pursues reform agenda


    During 2015, Ukraine made significant progress in implementing reforms across key areas such as the economy, education and science, although there remains a lot more to do.

    The National Reforms Council has become a platform for discussion of key issues around Ukraine’s future. Leaders from across the country, including the president, prime minister as well as representatives of civil society and business associations gathered 17 times in 2015 in order to express their views on the reform process. More than 30 topics were discussed and over 200 decisions were adopted, around three-quarters of which have been implemented through draft laws, laws and other legal documents.

    The Council is now monitoring the progress of priority reforms, taking public reaction into account.

    To view the Report of the National Reforms Council Project Management Office, visit:


    For more information, contact:

    Ivan Ohonovskyj
    Nexia DK, Ukraine
    T: +38 032 298 8540
    E: ivanohonovskyj@dk.ua


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