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Welcome to the Nexia network’s first Nexia Day!

Nexia Day is designed to enable the Nexia network and its member firms to celebrate being part of the network by organising business-focused activities that promote and further embed its brand promise ‘Closer to you’ and the three core values which underpin it; ‘Enduring relationships’, ‘Business -minded’ and ‘Being there for clients (Globally connected)’.

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    Davidson & Company, Canada

    Davidson & Company LLP hosted a 'Nexia Day' internal lunch. "The firm celebrates the day by sending Happy Nexia Day wishes from their Family to Yours!"
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    LWK, Australia

    One of our member firms in Australia had a bonding staff training session with their 'Professional Staff, where Nexia core values and global connection were discussed.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    CohnReznick, US

    CohnReznick collected secondhand eyeglasses and donated them to Lions Club International's Sight Program. Watch now their Nexia Day video in the playlist below!
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    ICLC, Russia

    ICLC in Russia organised a staff training for new employees to raise awareness of the Nexia International network.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    CliftonLarsonAllen, US

    Six of CLA's offices in their global hub cities hosted a breakfast with international food and coffee. They watched the Nexia webinar by Kevin Arnold together while the firm enjoyed  breakfast. Watch CLA's Nexia Day video in the playlist below!
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Aca Nexia, France

    The Parisian firm went to the south of France (Giens) for three days of conferences, networking and teambuilding (on a boat!).
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Ebner Stolz, Germany

    Ebner Stolz organised games and a Nexia Day quiz. They also created a wish wall where employees pinned their wishes for/about Nexia. The party finsihed with an international dinner.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Horlings Nexia, The Netherlands

    Horlings Nexia organised the Nexia EMEA Champions League football tournament with  more than 200 people from 10 countries.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia TA, Georgia

    For Nexia Day, Nexia TA donated to children in need. They also provided 'motivation training' for staff, information about Nexia's success story, a corporate party.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    SKP, India

    SKP hosted a seminar 'Understand all about Nexia International and our association with Nexia' and a 'Nexia Day Quiz' for staff.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia SJ, Tanzania

    Nexia member firm in Tanzania organised a charity event with Medewell Eye Centre. Medewell provides free cataract surgeries to under privileged Tanzanians. Nexia SJ collected funds from public, clients, staff and friends for this noble cause. 
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia Pacioli, Russia

    Nexia Pacioli hold an award ceremony for the winners of competition for Luca Pacioli personal scholarship for students of Moscow State University. 
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    Nexia Baker & Arenson, Mauritius

    Nexia Baker & Arenson organised a firm wide meeting to celebrate Nexia Day and our common values. The day in Mauritius included an opening meeting with Senior Partner, staff quiz, lunch and motivation videos.
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    Nexia Poyiadjis, Cyprus

    Nexia Poyiadjis organised  team building activities for the staff; they also celebrated a networking event with clients.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia SSY, Malaysia

    Nexia SSY visited Rumah Charis, an orphanage and brought 40 orphans aged 3 to 17 for a day’s out at Petrosains at KLCC, a Science Discovery Centre that offers a fun and learning experience on science and technology.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Saffery Champness, United Kingdom

    Saffery Champness provided an internationally themed lunch across all of their offices, their staff learnt more about the Nexia network and its importance to their firm.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    González Espinosa y Asociados, Mexico

    González Espinosa y Asociados had a guest speaker,  economist Salvador Kalifa Assad, who talked about the Free Trade Commerce Renegotiation between Mexico, USA and Canada.
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    CONSULTATIO Wirtschaftsprufung, Austria

    CONSULTATIO Wirtschaftsprufung had a networking event including all staff, key client representatives and key business partners (and they had Nexia drinks!)
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia TS, Singapore

    Nexia TS is celebrating Nexia Day 2017 through supporting a local social enterprise (MINDS) - they have their very own Berry Crunch Jars!
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Audalia Nexia, Spain

    For Nexia Day, Audalia Nexia interviewed two of their best clients. Watch the video in the playlist below.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    dhpg, Germany

    dhpg had an informative session on 'what Nexia stands for and how the firm profits from the network'.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Chaturvedi and Shah, India

    For Nexia Day, Chaturvedi and Shah's employees were playing table games while building  'enduring relationships'.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia Montes y Asociados, Colombia

    Nexia Montes y Asociados empowered Nexia values through training. The colombian firm promoted and shared Nexia Day with with their clients.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia Australia

    Nexia Australia dressed up their 5 offices and had a Nexia teal morning tea.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Zeifmans, Canada

    Zeifmans invited their Alumni to visit their office in Toronto, Canada, for a fun day of games, networking, and education to celebrate Nexia Day, and the enduring relationships they’ve built with staff, alumni, clients and the Nexia International community.
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    MaloneBailey, US and China

    MaloneBailey team celebrated the importance of global connections with an international dessert party that featured French macarons, Japanese mochi, Argentine alfajores, Italian tiramisu, Mexican tres leches cake and more.
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    Abelovich, Polano & Asociados Nexia, Argentina

    Abelovich, Polano & Asociados Nexia collected clothes and donated them to a Fundation "Caritas International".
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    PP&C, Brazil

    PP&C employees donated blood and discussed the three Nexia values.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Nexia DK, Ukraine

    Nexia DK provided scholarships and grants to those interested in a career within accountancy and come from underprivileged backgrounds, giving pro bono help to local businesses.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Fan, Chan & Co., Hong Kong SAR

    Fan, Chan & Co. organised a charitable event called “Meal Angel” in cooperation with Bo Charity Foundation. The event was held at the Food Angel’s central kitchen, where they helped to prepare hot meals for the needy.
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Estudio Bonomi, Uruguay

    For Nexia Day, Estudio Bonomi had a wonderful coaching activity with horses. Watch their Nexia Day video in the playlist below!
  • Nexia Day activity gallery

    Zhong Xing Hua, China

    To celebrate Nexia Day, Chinese Nexia member firm Zhong Xing Hua CPAs hosted their popular Finance Summit, which was organised by the International Cooperation Centre (ICC) of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China. They had 93 delegates attending the summit.

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