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    Wednesday 14 November 2018

    Insights from Kevin Arnold, CEO

    Nexia International's CEO, Kevin Arnold, shares some of his professional experiences and tips to help speed up your career and networking skills.  Read his articles below.

    Contact Kevin Arnold at kevin.arnold@nexia.com or connect 

    Face-to-face networking is more important in a digital world

    Many organisations, including Nexia International, are asking themselves the same question: how do we maximise digital communications and its benefits while encouraging our member firms and employees to interact face-to-face? In other words, how can we be more human in a tech-world? Read full article here.

    Benefits of our network

    Denny Schleper, CEO of Nexia's member firm CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), interviews Kevin Arnold - Nexia's CEO, Markus Emmrich - Nexia's Chair and Jen Leary - CliftonLarsonAllen's CSO.

    Efficient networking: some techniques

    In my first article Face-to-face networking is more important in a digital world’, I wrote about the importance of attending events and the value of business relationships born from ‘in-person’ conversations. It seems incomplete to encourage you to attend events without providing you with some techniques and tips for the actual activity itself- networking. In my experience, the number of conversations you have is proportional to the number of leads and referrals that are created.  Read full article here.

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