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    Efficient networking: some techniques

    In my first article ‘Face-to-face networking is more important in a digital world’, I wrote about the importance of attending events and the value of business relationships born from ‘in-person’ conversations. It seems incomplete to encourage you to attend events without providing you with some techniques and tips for the actual activity itself- networking. In my experience, the number of conversations you have is proportional to the number of leads and referrals that are created.

    Be prepared!

    We all know that ‘preparation’ is key for almost every project we deliver and the same applies when attending events. Being prepared will increase your confidence…

    • Firstly, why are you attending? Ensure that you have some clear objectives and priorities in mind.
    • Who do you want to meet? Do some research about these individuals (LinkedIn can be a very useful tool at this stage).
    • Now you have a list of names/companies and possibly a few things in common.

    Be yourself!

    Be open and honest when introducing yourself, practice your pitch and do not commit to anything that you cannot deliver. In a nutshell, introduce yourself as you are. When you are in the conversation…

    • Give them the opportunity to speak, take time to listen and make them feel good.
    • Ask thoughtful questions.
    • Share your knowledge and contacts.
    • Once you feel comfortable, connect others and integrate those who are more introverted.

    Follow up!

    The ‘game’ is over and you can barely remember names and faces but you have some business cards in your pocket. Send your contacts a follow up email/call, it will help you to stand out from the crowd.

    While writing this article, some Nexia members came into my mind. Jaimie Jabouri, Yves Sonier and Daniel Abelovich have proved to be excellent networkers so we have asked them the following question: One of the most junior member of staff, who has never attended a business event, is going to an international conference to represent your firm. You have 40 seconds to give them a tip, what would you say?

    To listen the Spanish version by Daniel Abelovich, please click here.

    Did you like it?


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