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      Tuesday 24 September 2019

      Legal services

      At Nexia, we want our members and clients to have legal certainty over their business relationships and avoid unnecessary legal risks or disputes.  Being proactive in structuring your legal relationships is the key and in the best interest of all parties involved, helping you stay out of court altogether.

      Our Nexia Legal Services professionals can provide you with specialist advise to keep track of all of your business interests.  Our Nexia Legal Services teams work closely with our members auditor, tax and advisory professionals from our network, supporting Nexia members and their clients on a daily basis whether it involves cross-border transactions or local “business as usual” services. 

      Our services:

      • Banking & Finance Services.
      • Turnaround, Reorganisation & Insolvency procedures.
      • Corporate Services (including M&A and Due Diligence).
      • Infrastructure Services.
      •  Real Estate Services.
      • Commercial Services.
      •  Not for Profit organisations.
      •  Dispute Resolution Services.
      •  Intellectual Property Services.
      •  Regulatory & Compliance Services.
      • Competition Antitrust & Trade Services.
      • Employment & Pension Services.
      • Estate Planning Services.
      •  IT & Data Services.

      For further information please contact Nigel Moore at nigel.moore@nexia.com.




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