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    Tuesday 16 July 2019


    Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency

    An established global network of Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency (TRI) specialists, within member firms, who are able to provide advice to clients and support the offering of Nexia members around the world.
    These specialists have knowledge in corporate recovery services for businesses, working with companies of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors. They also share best practice methodologies to ensure all assignments comply with the legal and commercial challenges effectively.
    Their expertise, comprises of:

    • Business reviews
    • Reconstructions
    • Investigations
    • Formal insolvency proceedings
    • Turnaround
    • Distressed debt advisory
    • Liquidation.

    The network provides a range of services for bankrupt individuals and unincorporated businesses. This includes acting as bankruptcy trustee (or equivalent) and advice to debtors and creditors on the impacts of insolvency processes. 
    These TRI specialists combine and add to the expertise of Nexia member firms to ensure they can work on, and deliver both local and global projects. They also provide an information database to allow them to compete and operate effectively utilising skills and experience from around the network.

    To learn how Nexia member firms have helped their clients, click here.


    Download our Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency Service Brochure here.

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