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    Wednesday 26 June 2019



    Doing business overseas brings a host of tax opportunities and potential traps. Nexia International’s global reach enables you or your business to benefit from an extensive portfolio of cross-border advice and tax consulting services.

    Member firms advise inbound and outbound international businesses on a wide range of tax compliance, tax planning and tax advisory issues.

    Our regional groups and task forces deal with hot topics, including e-commerce, transfer pricing and the taxation of expatriates, in order to ensure our member firms can keep you up to date with the latest developments.


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    Global mobility tax services, Indirect taxes, Private wealth, Real estate and Transfer princing.

    Other Nexia services:

    Compliance and setting up overseas

    Complying with international tax laws requires effort, time and knowledge, particularly as the risk of non-compliance has increased significantly. 

    Member firms’ expertise comprises appropriate advice to ensure compliance with your tax obligations. This includes corporate income taxes, indirect taxes, social security taxes, state/ provincial and municipal income taxes, land transfer taxes, stamp duties and sales taxes.

    Holding companies and international tax structures

    Selecting the correct structure for your business can include the management of both cash and compliance challenges. Using a service company and/or a holding company and applying appropriate transfer pricing policies can provide the opportunity to manage your overall effective tax rate. 

    Member firms’ expertise comprises evaluating the key components in the global supply chain and advising on the use of specialist companies and the choice of appropriate jurisdictions.

    Corporate transactions

    Tax efficient corporate transactions should be planned from both local and international perspectives. 

    Experts across the Nexia network have considerable experience structuring all aspects of transactions. 

    This includes fundraisings, IPOs, private placements, management buy-outs and buy-ins, trade sales, succession planning and venture capital backed transactions.

     Member firms’ expertise comprises pre-acquisition tax planning, shareholder exit strategies and maximising available tax reliefs.

    Remuneration planning

    Employment costs are one of the largest outgoings for most businesses. It is therefore important to get maximum benefit from this significant investment. 

    Nexia International’s range of remuneration services include design and implementation of equity compensation schemes, review of reward packages to minimise the tax and social security costs, tax aspects of remuneration packages, operating client payroll, payroll tax returns and compliance, design and implementation of pension schemes and tax authority enquiries.

    Business Taxation

    Our global reach enables member firms to provide benefits advising international businesses on an extensive portfolio of cross-border tax consulting services.

     Member firms’ expertise comprises a wide range of tax compliance, tax planning and tax advisory issues.

    Our members are fully informed by Nexia groups that oversee industry topics and developments. This includes BEPS, FATCA, the Common Reporting Standard, e-commerce, transfer pricing and the taxation of expatriates.

    Tax and Compliance

    Tax reliefs, incentives and allowances can be effectively and efficiently managed. Our member firms take the complexity out of tax challenges and legislation, whether you operate in one or several geographic locations.

    Taxation of Expatriates

    Member firms’ expertise comprises practical advice as well as tax planning aspects of moving from one country to another, working with businesses who relocate employees overseas and with individual expatriates on their financial management and tax issues, including pre-departure and subsequent return tax planning and compliance.

    Employee Benefits and Other Services for Employers

    Through Nexia International, you have access to professionals with experience across all aspects of employee benefits and pension provision. This also includes experts in HR consultancy and payroll services.

     Member firms’ services comprises remuneration planning share scheme design, implementation and operation, pensions consultancy and administration, HR support, payroll services and people management services.

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    For further information please contact Nigel Moore at  nigel.moore@nexia.com

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