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      Tuesday 19 November 2019
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      Skills centre

      Connecting and developing future leaders whilst delivering Nexia's brand values.

      Watch the 'People Development video' to find out more.

      What Nexia offers

      Soft skills training courses
      Essential skills for success in professional practice.

      Technical training courses
      Classroom-based learning in taxation and financial reporting.

      Audit and tax learning, delivered digitally.

      Complimentary webinars in  both English and Spanish.

      Case studies from Nexia member firms and guidelines to support the secondment experience.

      Training by seniority level

      This chart provides general guidance on the recommended seniority level for each training solution. When considering this, please note that this will vary by member firm based on the structure, previous learning offered and specific needs that have been identified.

      Managers and Future Leaders
      Nexia Advisor
      Global Partners' Programme
      International Tax Training - Level 1
      International Tax Training - Level 2
      IFRS Summit
      Indirect Taxes Seminar
      Transfer Pricing Workshop
      Knowledge Management Application
      Webinar series
      Secondment opportunities

      Nexia program focusses on both technical and soft skills

      • Nexia promotes a challenging leadership programme to assist highly-capable professionals at key stages in their careers.
      • Nexia advocates a range of technical training and support initiatives, such as the IFRS helpdesk, webinars and e-learning materials.
      • Nexia supports the continuous development of our people through best practices tools, such as the Performance and Development Framework which sets out the skills and behaviours that professionals need to demonstrate excellence.
      • Nexia encourages secondment opportunities to help individuals within the network to enhance their professional skills.
      • Nexia provides guidance and tools on coaching and mentoring within professional services firms.

      Closer to you

      The Nexia International Service Charter ensures our member firms deliver our brand promise ‘Closer to you’ and three brand values. Each value is underpinned by a clear set of commitments that explains the way Nexia member firms work and it is these commitments that form our Service Charter.

      Enduring relationships
      Nexia’s strength stems from the quality of personal relationships forged between members and members with their clients, which ensures greater trust, responsiveness and more effective delivery.

       Being business-minded
      Nexia member firms are characterised by people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who can relate closely to the SME and owner-managed businesses they serve.

       Being there for clients (Globally connected)
      Nexia’s member firms are focused on supporting local companies as they grow and expand into new markets.

      Please click here to find out more about the Nexia Service Charter.

      For further information on the Skills centre, please email Laura Maestro at laura.maestro@nexia.com.

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