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    Saturday 16 February 2019
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    Servicing international clients require our people to act and think globally.

    Secondments play an important part in this, allowing staff from member firms to experience life in another office and time zone, to learn how other teams across the Nexia network operate and how member firms join up to advise a client. Secondments also enable professionals from across the network to develop long lasting social and business relationships, which are the lifeblood of the Nexia network.

    What members say

    "I was able to appreciate how well the Nexia network is able to manage international engagements and how well-oiled the working relationships with Nexia colleagues can be."

    Benedict Freely, Smith Williamson

    "Meeting new people and making new connections, learning a new culture of doing business and getting exposure to different accounting frameworks applied and the manner in which financial statements are presented. I would say do not hesitate, just go for it."

    Marshall Bvuma, Nexia SABT

    "This experience changed my perception about the Nexia network, I realized that the network is a lot larger than I originally thought, and found that there is a great network of people that can be reached out to for any help and information as needed."

    Logan Hornback, Whitley Penn

    Nexia secondments guidelines

    These guidelines will provide you with the key points you need to consider when establishing and providing a successful secondment experience. The guidelines are divided into sections to highlight important considerations at important stages of the secondment process.

    Please note that these guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive and member firms are encouraged to consider other factors when wishing to proceed with either hosting a secondment or sending a member of staff on a secondment.

    Click here to download the Nexia secondments guidelines.

    Click the below image to find out more about the secondment experience of staff from Nexia member firms. 

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