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    Tuesday 16 July 2019


    The Nexia e-learning suite comprises two applications: 

    • The Knowlegde Management Application IFRS learning (KMA)
    • BEAN Audit e-ISA learning program.

    Both are available either via installation through a server or through the cloud.


    • Bean is a digital learning program for audit trainees and serves as a reference tool for auditing standards and updates.
    • It is a complete simulated audit taking users from pre-engagement activities to wrapping up.
    • It is accessible via a virtual desktop application and is available both online and offline.

    Knowledge Management Application (KMA)

    The KMA delivers the latest developments in IFRS addressing different levels of training (beginner, intermediate and advanced users) in the following way:

    • Headlines: view the latest news in financial reporting and the latest developments in IFRS.
    • Fundamentals e-learning modules: over 45 e-learning modules covering IFRS fundamental principles in the standards. They are being redeveloped to improve the learning experience by implementing a more interactive method (videos and voice covers).
    • Live Virtual CPD Workshops: participate in live workshops where you will work through case studies and have discussions with the facilitator. They are ideal for those users who need training at a higher level as they complement IFRS e-learning theory by applying its standards to case studies.
    • Webinars: These will take place cover on a monthly basis, covering the latest developments from the Tax, Audit, Marketing & Business Development and IPDC committees. For future reference, the archive includes past webinars. Webinars are now streamed to your desktop to allow a smaller access burden on your computers and are also accessible from the home page.
    • IFRS Standards Library: it is a searchable database of the core IFRS standards, being able to work offline.
    • Microsoft Office Learning: more than 30 videos with workshops, solutions and examples to increase user’s knowledge of Excel.
    • IFRS quickies: videos on latest developments.
    • Obtain verifiable CPD points by just completing a short quiz after each module.
    • IASB new standards will be published through updates.

    If you are a Nexia member and you want to know more about e-learning, please click here to visit the members area. 

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