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      Sunday 15 September 2019

      Soft skills training courses

                xxx “My advice to Nexia members who are given the chance to join this course would be to grab this opportunity with both hands.”

      Kevin van de Poll, Horlings Nexia.

      Managers & Future Leaders Course

      Who is it for?
      Those promoted or just about to be promoted to management roles.

      How do they benefit?

      • Reinforced understanding of the skills of project and people management.
      • Guidelines for building client relationships and an insight into business development.
      • Increased awareness of their own strengths in these areas and what they need to do to develop in future.
      • Greater knowledge of Nexia and wider relationships within the network.

      Moving into Leadership – senior managers

      Who is it for?
      Professionals who have considerable experience in wider leadership roles. Some may be identified as partners of the future.

      How do they benefit?

      • Increased energy, motivation and confidence in areas such as business development, performance management and coaching.
      • Greater understanding of the role of a leader in a professional firm.
      • Strategies and tactics for managing the demands of non-fee-earning responsibilities.
      • Greater clarity of the actions they need to take to advance their own development.
      • Greater knowledge of Nexia and how to make even better use of the network.

      Global Partners Programme

      Who is it for?
      Those newly promoted or who are in their early partnership roles. Also those wanting to take a fresh look at their approach to partnership.

      How do they benefit?

      • Fresh insights gained from specific problem solving forums and working closely with colleagues.
      • Specific skills and insights gained from elective sessions.
      • Increased confidence gained from sharing insights and views and the realisation that colleagues face similar challenges.
      • Intensive one-to-one coaching.
      • Refined view of the actions they need to take to consolidate their role as partner.
      • Heightened awareness of Nexia, the strategic aims and implications for them and their offices.

      If you are a Nexia member and you want to know more about leadership training, please click here

      For further information on leadership training, please contact Laura Maestro at laura.maestro@nexia.com.

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