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    Tuesday 16 July 2019

    Technical training courses

    xxx “Nexia has enabled me to not only increase my range of skills but also to learn how different cultures operate which I think is already important but I believe this is increasingly important due to the ever increasing trade worldwide."

    Catherine Alton, Ebner Stolz

    International Tax Training

    Who is it for?
    Nexia member firm staff who already have experience in advising within their own tax jurisdiction.

    How do they benefit?

    • Working in multinational and multicultural groups from across the network, attendees will be able to experience at first hand the issues arising in cross-border tax assignments.
    • Attendees will be able to develop their own contact group across the network, leading to greater opportunities for referrals and fee generation.
    • The International Tax Center in Leiden has been acknowledged to be a global leader in the provision of training in international tax. Some of its main competitors currently use its material for their own courses. Credentials including attendance at a Nexia International tax course should be evidence of the ability to provide quality advice to clients.

    International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Summit

    Who is it for?
    Managers, Senior Managers and Partners involved in IFRS engagements

    How do they benefit?

    • Improve IFRS knowledge and quality of IFRS-based audits and related reporting.
    • Understand the IFRS needs of the client.
    • Improve contacts to IFRS specialists inside NEXIA at manager and senior manager level.
    • Improve confidence in referrals between member firm.
    • Improve quality of international tenders.
    • Improve opportunity for successful referrals.

    Indirect Taxes Training Seminar

    Who is it for?
    The seminar runs at different levels for senior managers through to partners with the emphasis on exchange of information and discussion. VAT is a global tax, and so attendees are encouraged from around the world.

    How do they benefit?

    • A great opportunity to find out “how it’s done in your country” with an exchanges of ideas and debate.
    • Truly international opportunity to discuss issues in territories where your clients do business including India, China, America, and Australia, as well of course as Europe.
    • Attendees gain information and confidence in all areas of business development.
    • Greater clarity of actions necessary to deliver indirect tax advice.
    • Greater knowledge of Nexia and how to make even better use of the network.

    Transfer Pricing workshop

    Who is it for?
    The course is designed to provide in-depth training for tax and transfer pricing professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the theory and practice of transfer pricing.

    The workshop, coverts the conduct of a transfer pricing study and deals with pricing issues relating to the distribution, manufacturing, research and development, financing and management operations of the multinational group through case studies.

    How do they benefit?

    • Understand the importance of transfer pricing to multinational enterprise groups and tax administrations.
    • Develop an in-depth and practical understanding of Transfer Pricing.
    • Understand how to perform a Transfer Pricing study.
    • Gain from increased confidence from sharing insights and views.
    • Heightened awareness of Nexia, its strategic aims and its implications for Nexia member firms' offices and its staff.

    For further information on technical training, please contact info@nexia.com.

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