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    Tuesday 16 July 2019

    Christensen Kjaerulff
    Copenhagen Office

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    Firm details

    Christensen Kjaerulff

    Store Kongensgade 68

    T: + 45 33301515
    F: + 45 33131991

    Local time

    16/07/2019 03:02:39

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    Christensen Kjaerulff is located in the center of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Since launching our enterprise 70 years ago, we have continued to develop and strive at meeting the individual needs of our clients by providing highly qualified audit- accounting- and tax services, consulting and practical support.

    We are a medium sized accounting firm with a client base consisting of small to medium sized enterprises, large private company groups, international subsidiaries and private individuals.

    The relationships with our clients are built upon confidence. We organize our work in small teams under the leadership of a partner responsible so that our clients are met with the same group of professional auditors and consultatts each time. We corporate with banks, lawyers and real estate agents.

    Christensen Kjaerulff currently ranks as the 7th largest firm in the Copenhagen area, and 13th in Denmark.

    Services include:

    • Audit and assurance
    • Accounting
    • Tax planning and compliance
    • Management consultancy
    • Formation of companies
    • Company secretarial services
    • Due diligence


    Primary contacts

    Anders Ingemann Hansen

    Tax Contact

    State Authorised Public Accountant

    aih@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Iver Haugsted

    Engagement Partner

    ih@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Elan Schapiro

    Tax Contact

    State Authorised Public Accountant

    els@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Other contacts

    Peter S Clausen

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    psc@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Brian Hansen

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    bh@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Kenneth Iversen

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    kei@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Jan M Jefting

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    jmj@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Peter Lund

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    pl@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    John Mikkelsen

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    jm@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Sven-Erik Vejlby

    State Authorized Public Accountant

    sev@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

    Torben Laurentz Wiberg

    Managing partner

    tlw@ck.dk  Download vCard  Email vCard

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